Wellness – Time to Boost Your Immune System!

Staying well is something we all strive for and it is no different for our home, our safe place. Wellness is something we all know we need to do, but it is even more clear lately to be a top priority. That means using our oils properly, finding the right supplements, and keeping our homes and bodies clean. Let’s dive in and discover ways we can all be healthy and well!

Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves is a cornerstone of personal wellness, both the oil and the many products that are infused with it. There are so many in the lineup, but it all started with the oil.

The aroma of Thieves is comforting!

The essential oil comes in a regular labeled bottle, which is great for diffusing (4-6 drops is a great amount). It also comes in a Vitality labeled version, which means it’s safe for ingesting in tea, in honey, or in a capsule. Lastly, it comes in a roll-on version for a comforting topical application to the bottom of your feet, down your spine, or on your chest.

Depending on your needs, you’ve got the option you need to let the power of Thieves keep you well.

“Thieves has totally changed my family’s life! We’ve made it through 2 crazy winter seasons with just a couple of sniffles. We put it in the diffuser, we clean the WHOLE house with it, we put it in rollers for the feet or along the spine, drink it in tea…SO versatile!” – Mama of 2

“I gargle 1 drop of thieves in warm salt water for my throat when needed!”

“Thieves has absolutely taken the fear out of the winter months for me. Also, my kids have a perfect attendance goal this year…Thieves has their backs on that.” Mama of 3

Custom Wellness Capsule

(Thieves Vitality, Oregano Vitality, Frankincense Vitality, and Lemon Vitality in capsules)

Vitality oils are designed for health and wellness regimens. As we ingest them, our body processes them and we use all of the good in them to keep our body’s systems supported and healthy. This blend of Thieves Vitality, Oregano Vitality, Frankincense Vitality, and Lemon Vitality in a vegetarian capsule (start with 2 drops each and fill the rest of the capsule with a carrier oil) helps boost your immune system and promote all around wellness in your body. Each one of those oils combines to help support you when you need it the most. You’re going to want to have these oils on hand at all times for whenever someone in your home isn’t feeling their best.

Inner Defense

Not sure you want to make your own vegetarian capsules with oils? No problem! Inner Defense combines Thieves with Oregano, Thyme, and Lemongrass to help your body with respiratory issues, when you’re feeling under the weather, and to support overall wellness. This is a powerhouse capsule and isn’t meant to be taken daily, but it’s great to have on hand when it’s needed most. Young Living recommends taking Life 9, their probiotic, 8 hours after taking Inner Defense to help maximize the benefits.
“When we first settled in TX, i got HIT HARD with cold/flu. Stuffy nose, cough, headache…ick.I spent a day taking a capsule of Inner Defense once every two hours and the next day I was better! It was crazy awesome!”
👉🏻Inner Defense defends against unfriendly visitors to your system.
👉🏻It makes the environment un-inviting to yeast and fungus.
👉🏻It is supportive for a healthy respiratory system.
Im a big fan of it containing Thieves blend, Oregano & Thyme essential oils.

Super C

Vitamin C is one of those things we always need in our lives, much like ensuring we have enough Vitamin D. Super C combines well over your daily amounts needed of Vitamin C with Orange essential oil and other amazing natural ingredients specifically for daily immune support. Taking this with your choice of natural Vitamin D supplement helps create a great environment in your body to promote wellness. Plus, Super C is available in both regular tablets AND chewable, so you’ve got options!
L’s Super C is properly balanced with rutin, bioflavonoids and trace minerals. These things work together to balance electrolytes and increase the absorption of vitamin C.
Why do we care??
• Without bioflavonoids, vitamin C has a hard time getting inside cells, which is where we need it!
• Without proper electrolyte balance and trace minerals, vitamin C will not stay there for long.


Balance is good, but you know what else is? Sleep. Sleep is good, and when we’re feeling under the weather and our bodies need time to heal.
Taking ImmuPro when you’re sick will help you get to sleep and stay asleep so your body gets the rest it needs and lets the other supplements and oils you’re using do the work they’re intended to do.
With the power of wolfberry and Orange essential oil combined with melatonin and other natural ingredients, ImmuPro is a lifesaver when your body needs the rest but you’re struggling to sleep.
They are chewable!


While your immune system is getting the support it needs, your glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems need help as well.
MultiGreens to the rescue!
Made with all the greens (well, not all, but some really important ones) and essential oils, the other systems in your body will stay running smoothly. This helps keep our bodies and lives balanced. Balance is good.
Boosts energy and reduces stress! (Double win!)
It strengthens lymphocyte function which strengthens the immune system.
Pacific kelp supports thyroid function and helps to keep our hormones balanced and in check!
And our oils….infused with Rosemary (supports our endocrine system), Lemon (immune support), Lemongrass (supports the Digestive system), and Melissa (energizes the body and fights against natural occurring inflammation)….and check out the price point on Melissa…pretty sweet that we get to consume that oil in this supplement!

KidScents SniffleEase & SleepyIze

Kids need to stay well, too, and thankfully Young Living has a whole line of oils dedicated specifically to them!
The KidScents line of oil blends are PRE-DILUTED to be used for kids so you feel confident using them right out of the bottle.
When your kids have the sniffles and need a little help, put SniffleEase in the diffuser or rub it on their chests to comfort them and let them feel at ease.
When their little bodies need the rest, SleepyIze on the bottom of their feet or in the diffuser will encourage them to relax and fall asleep so they can get better.
And if you’re feeling it too, it’s okay to use these for yourself!
BONUS NUGGET: We have a LOT of moms in the ECO who use this for their kiddos because when they use it, they sleep all night!

R.C. & Raven

Whether you put them in the diffuser or use them as part of a chest and throat rub, the Eucalyptus and other oils in these blends will invigorate and refresh you as you breathe them in.
Either of these blends make for a soothing chest rub (or if you’re super gangster like me, dilute and swab in the nose with some lavender and unclog it…LOL) and applied to the feet on the vitaflex points for lungs will do great things for breathing.
We love Raven and are so grateful It comes in the starter kit.
Stock up on these blends and breathe away!

Diffusing for Wellness

Emotional wellness, comfort for your body and mind, mental clarity, and more!
There’s a diffuser blend for almost anything.
Yes. Anything. LOL.
Comfort can come with diffuser blends that include Thieves while emotional wellness can include blends like Stress Away or Valor.
The options are almost endless.
🌿Stressful day? Use your diffuser! You’d be amazed at what a little aromatic goodness can do for your soul. Other favorites oils for releasing stress – Valor & Joy.
🌿Not feeling 100%? Diffuse Thieves always and you have the freedom to add more drops. Lavender will calm your mind.
🌿Diffusing pre-workout can give you an extra boost + open your airways! Try sniffing Peppermint straight from the bottle too.
🌿Focus help needed? Diffuse this combo, it’s a great blend to help you have a clear mind. I also love mixing in Citrus Fresh in place of Lemon.
🌿Feeling like you have something coming on? Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse. Thieves is always a good idea, the more the better. I love adding Clove to this diffuser blend, as it makes my Thieves stretch out further. Clove and Cinnamon Bark are two oils in the Thieves blend.

Custom Rollers

Just like diffusing, creating your own custom roll-on blends can promote wellness for you and your family.
Want a wellness blend to use on the go? Custom roll-on blend!
Thieves and Frankincense for both physical and emotional comfort, Lavender and Cedarwood to help you get sleep so your body can recover, and so much more.
Stick the roller in your purse for on the go oiling. It’s the best!
Aren’t sure where to start in making a roller blend?
I got you.
Check out some recipes!

NingXia Red

You know those red pouches at the bottom of the starter kit??
Stick those in the fridge and get ready to be amazed!
Nutrient-dense, packed with antioxidants, and good for more than just your immune system, NingXia Red is something that will help support whole-body health and wellness.

Ningxia Red supports:
1. Immune System
2. Healthy Blood Pressure
3. Energy and stamina
4. Healthy Aging
5. Provide Antioxidant benefits
6. Healthy Weight
7. Healthy Blood
8. Memory Support
9. Vision Health
10. Quality of Sleep
11. Healthy blood sugar
12. Healthy Sexual Function
13. Healthy Menopause transitioning
14. Healthy Cholesterol Levels
15. Male and Female Fertility
16.Normal Kidney Function
17. Cardiovascular Health
18. Healthy Liver
19. Healthy Digestion
20. Support Body’s Natural Ability to Fight Anxiety and Stress.
It’s made from wolfberry puree (Goji berry) , blueberry, plum, cherry, aronia, and pomegranate juices, grape seed extract, Yuzu, Tangerine, Lemon and Orange essential oils, stevia and pure vanilla extract for flavor, and naturally occurring preservatives for stabilization.
You know what else?
You can add Vitality oils to it for a little extra wellness support.

Thieves Household Cleaner (DA REAL MVP)

A clean home helps promote wellness almost as much as making sure you’re using the right oils and supplements.
Thieves Household Cleaner?
Good for almost every surface in your home and a little bit goes a long way.
One bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner and you will be scrubbing down the surfaces in your home and using the power of Thieves to stay happy, healthy, and well.
One capful in a glass spray bottle and mixed with water and you’ve got a cleaner that is non-toxic and safe to use around pets and kids.
Your cleaning supplies just got boiled down to ONE bottle. 😉

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
Last but not least, keep your hands clean!
Clean, clean, clean.
We all know this, but it’s important to keep in mind, especially when people are sick or things are going around.
The power of Thieves, the handiness of the foaming recipe, and you’ve got yourself something the whole family can use to keep those hands clean. Sometimes, even if you do all the other things, this can undo a lot of the hard work you’ve put in to staying well. Better safe than sorry, right?