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In 2013 when I had my first child, I remember looking down at him and thinking, “you are perfect; it is my job to not screw it up!” I just knew I would mess him up somehow.
When he turned about four months old, he developed an awful skin issue. I was told “it just happens” and handed a strong prescription with unlimited refills. I couldn’t believe it. What happened? What could be done? Was there no answer?
I felt hopeless, and I was desperate for answers. God whispered to me, and I felt empowered to dig. There had to be an answer!

After research and God moving, I found we were dealing with food allergies along with other sensitivities. That research led me to essential oils. It also really empowered me to be our own health advocate, find answers, and never feel hopeless again with our wellness.
The decision to add essential oils into our life was one of the best decisions we have made. We have seen a fantastic change, and we want to spread that hope to others! I never want a mama to feel the way I felt without resources and without answers.
I believe our bodies were made by a perfect Creator and are perfectly designed to WORK! The stress, environmental toxins, food, and products we use can alter and affect how well our bodies function. It is time to take back what was given to us by our Creator and start stewarding our bodies to do the work God has called us to do and FEEL BETTER!
I believe within His perfect design, He also created essential oils for our use. He wants us to live an abundant and joyful life!

Lindsey Koetje, Co-Owner of Mint & Grace

More on Lindsey:

Hey! So you know a little bit about me… I grew up in the Nashville/Murfreesboro areas of Tennessee. I am an early childhood educator by schooling and taught first grade. I have been married for almost 10 years to my husband Wes. We have lived in Kansas City and now live in Northwest GA near Chattanooga, TN. We have a 5-year-old, Malachi, that I homeschool and a 1-year-old, Isaac. I had my oldest as a c-section and my youngest as a home VBAC with a miscarriage in between. I have cloth diapered and breastfed both babies for well over year. My breastfeeding journey did not come without struggle though! I love to cook and we strive to eat as natural and organic as possible (within reason). I love to stir up hope and empower women to be the gatekeepers of their homes! I hope you can find encouragement and Jesus while you follow our journey. God has been writing an amazing story as He threads my life in with His plan.

A touch about Wes:

Here’s me, I love my family and Jesus. I love technology and gardening. I like to tinker with everything. I love working with people, if you share a problem with me I generally am processing how I can help immediately, I am a fixer. My favorite oil is PEPPERMINT and my favorite supplement is SULFURZYME.