Getting started is easy with these 3 STEP INSTRUCTIONS!
 STEP 1: Choose your starter kit. You can choose from Essential Oils, CBD, Ningxia Red, or the Thieves line.
 To see your cost options, CLICK HERE 
STEP 2: After you decide which kit you want, you have the option to make your starter pack your first Essential Rewards order (YL’s monthly subscription box). You will earn a FREE OIL and $10 YL bucks to spend on whatever you want. You’re NOT required to order monthly, but most people at least want to get the freebies and try it out! You will be prompted to set up an order for next month, but will NOT be charged for it. If you’d rather get started for now without the freebies, then just move forward with your kit purchase and decline the rewards offer. 
STEP 3:-Fill out your personal information
-Choose “individual no social security number”
-Pick your shipping option and check out!

 Once your purchase is complete, YL will send me an email notification that you did and I will be in touch to get you all hooked up with the perks that come with using my referral link! Such perks are: A private education group on Facebook, text message classes, and personal direction/help from me!